15 Jun, 23

The bathroom is often one of the last spaces in a home to be updated, renovated or rebuilt, yet it involves a lot more planning than redecorating a bedroom or living room. Refitting a bathroom can be expensive and is certainly a task you need to plan and fully consider before starting work. 

You may decide to hire a building contractor or a plumber that specialises in bathroom construction, however, if you’re going to do it yourself, you’re likely to need a plumber anyway, when it comes to ensuring all the water connections meet the requisite regulations.

Bath or Shower?

It used to be the norm to expect to fit a bath, but one of the first considerations is to consider whether you really need one. Modern lifestyles tend to dictate that people jump into and out of a shower to keep up with daily life and if the bathroom space is small, you may rather opt for a larger shower or even turn the bathroom into a wet room.


When at the planning stage also remember that you may want some storage space. Many people need to keep shelf or cupboard space for towels, toiletries and extras that relate to anything that is essential to the bathroom. This will form part of the space planning.

Considering furniture is critical especially when working with a small space. You need to make your bathroom practical first and foremost, but it’s important you make it comfortable too and give yourself enough room to move in.

The Little Details

The smaller details are what always give away whether a bathroom was simply installed or whether there was detailed planning involved. Have you been in a bathroom where the toilet roll holder is just out of reach from the toilet except for a seven-foot giant? The other considerations are wall cabinets and whether the sink is going to form part of an integrated cabinet or stand on the tradition porcelain pedestal.

Lighting and Heating

Don’t forget about lighting and heating. Lights need to be moisture resistant and preferably sealed off to prevent electrical problems from condensation. It may be more practical to heat a bathroom with underfloor heating, and this will distribute heat more evenly, although if space is tight a heated towel rail may do the job just as well.


Then there’s the personal touch. Choosing neutral colours to tile the bathroom will increase the longevity of the renovation, meaning that it could, in fact, be decades rather than years before redesign will have to be considered again.

Aside from how personal taste will impact the choice of colours and styles, you may want to consider the installation of speakers so that you can listen to the radio or your favourite streaming service while relaxing at the end of a long day, or to get you going in the morning.


Most importantly, start with a budget rather than end with an expense list, it’s a lot more affordable that way.

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