24 Feb, 23

If ever you’ve found yourself unexpectedly knee deep in water or paddling in puddles, you’ll know how it feels to be in need of an emergency plumber. Unfortunately, when in such a critical situation (where you may need a swift solution to avoid damage to your property) you’re at the mercy of the company you choose. With this in mind, here we present a guide to emergency plumbing services – what to expect, what they most commonly cover, how much they cost and how to choose a service provider.

What should you expect from an Emergency Plumbing Services provider

– Fast arrival (as emergency plumbing specialists, our arrival time is guaranteed to be within an hour)
– Costs provided upfront
– Labour that comes with a warranty
– Fully qualified plumbers who are Gas Safe Registered

Most common Emergency Plumbing Situations

Whilst we’ve encountered all sorts of emergency plumbing jobs – from the routine to the outright bizarre, the most common problems that we come across include:
– Broken water lines
– Blocked toilets and drains
– A burst pipe
– A sewerage system blockage and backup
– A frozen pipe

General costs for Emergency Plumbing Services

It’s difficult to provide any idea as to how much you should expect to pay for emergency plumbing. While Which? Attempted to put an average price on non-emergency examples, the truth is that every situation is different, with the cost depending on a variety of factors, such as the cause, the parts required and the labour time. One thing that you should expect, however, is for the plumbing company in question to be clear about any call out fees, per hour charges and for them to offer a rough, ballpark figure as to the cost you may be facing.

How to choose an Emergency Plumbing Services provider

Although you may be desperate to get any plumber in through the front door to fix your problem, you really need to take a few minutes to undertake some research. Your choice of service provider should rely on reputation – our own emergency plumbing reviews can be found on My Builder and on Google.

In the middle of a plumbing emergency? We’re here for you. No matter the time of day or night, we can with you within 1 hour. Call London City Plumbers, London, on 020 8226 5499 or email us via info@londoncityplumbers.co.uk.