From the title, you may be wondering – “I need to take care of my boiler in the summer”? “Or at all”? Believe it or not, boilers need some basic care that will provide all sorts of benefits for the owner.

Boilers will stress and strain throughout the cold autumn and winter months to ensure that your home stays warm and cosy, providing both heating and hot water whenever you need it. When the warmer summer months arrive, how many of us think that there is anything more to do other than simply turn the central heating off?

While only landlords are legally obligated to ensure an annual gas safety check takes place, it is a good idea for everyone to have their boiler serviced in the summer. This inexpensive procedure will pick up any potential problems well ahead of the cold setting in.

Simple tasks such as adjusting heat settings will put less strain on the boiler and doing so every year as the weather warms up will reduce strain on the system, adding years to the lifetime of your boiler – saving you money. Taking a cooler shower will save wear and tear on the boiler and why turn the cold water up when you can turn the hot water down?

There are two kinds of boilers, combination boilers and conventional boilers.

Combination Boilers

Combination boilers have a summer setting where there central heating is turning off completely, and hot water is provided on demand. These boilers will also have a temperature setting, and it will use less energy to adjust the setting to create a better blend of hot and cold water. While you don’t need heating during the summer, occasionally turning the heating on and checking the pressure gauge will ensure that there are no nasty surprises when the cold sets in and you really need the heat.

Conventional Boilers

Conventional boilers come in all sorts of designs, shapes and sizes and tend to be less fuel and cost efficient than combination boilers. These boilers most often have an immersion tank attached to them and the summer time is the perfect opportunity to check that the expansion tank and the cold water storage are working. Also, check that the ball valves are shutting off and not running into the overflow.


While your radiators are not actually part of your boiler, they are in fact part of the system that places a strain on your boiler. Properly maintained radiators can save you a lot of money in the long run. The summer is an ideal time to replace old radiators and to fit insulated reflective panel boards behind your radiators. These make a substantial difference when heating a room up both in keeping the room warm and in getting it warm quicker once the heating has been turned on.

Repair and Replace

The summer is an ideal time to repair or replace. There is less pressure on service providers during the summer months so arranging to get an old boiler replaced or repaired is a lot less stressful than in the winter when suddenly a lot of people have discovered that their systems have become cranky and need urgent attention. Don’t delay, check your boiler today.

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