14 Sep, 21

It’s easy to take your boiler for granted and not think about it until something goes wrong. But when it does, it raises the question – is it worth repairing, or would it be cheaper in the long run to buy a new one? There are a couple of things to consider to help you make that decision.

Whether you’re looking ahead before winter sets in or you need to make a quick decision now because your boiler is playing up, here are the key things to think about:

How long have you had your boiler?

The first question to ask yourself is, how old is my boiler? Is it new or still under warranty? If yes, then you should talk to the boiler manufacturer for a repair or replacement. If not, and it is still less than 10 years old, then the chances are that spare parts will still be readily available and that it is still capable of working efficiently. Boilers work hard and they work non-stop so by the time you’ve had it for a decade or so, it is more likely to start breaking down more frequently or working more inefficiently at which time you should consider a replacement. Equally, your boiler may only be a few years old, but if you have not been looking after it as much as you could have – e.g. by undertaking regular servicing – then its working age could be greater than its actual age.

What will it cost to repair vs replace?

Let’s be honest, cost is always one of the most significant factors in any decision. What we don’t always think about is how little and frequent repairs can add up when compared to a larger, one-off payment for a new boiler. Which brings us back to the age and condition of your boiler. The older the boiler, the more expensive it will be to fix when you consider the availability of spare parts. If your boiler is newer though and you find you have an expensive repair on your hands, it is more likely to be a one-off repair and therefore end up being cheaper than a replacement in the long run.

The environmental cost

Perhaps not the first thing many of us will consider, it’s worth thinking about when deciding whether to repair or replace. Newer boilers will be more efficient, being kinder on the environment and on your pocket as they will save you a good chunk of money on bills – the Energy Saving Trust has a wealth of information to help make your home more efficient. Repairing and replacing parts is also more environmentally friendly as you are reducing waste that needs to be managed. However, continuing to run and old boiler is not only more inefficient, but could also be more damaging to the environment – either because of the materials in it that will need to be dealt with safely at the end of its life, or by inefficient combustion which will have a negative effect on air quality.

Want some advice before making a decision?

That’s what we’re here for! At London City Plumbers we would be happy to advise and talk you through your options when it comes to boilers. All you need to do is call us on 020 8226 5499 for a chat or a free quote, we’d love to help.